By: Fred Glover

Hurricane Peter making its way across the Atlantic.


Minister of Public Health and Safety Bill Simms insists that the adjustment to quarantines and stay-at-home orders is getting smoother and smoother thanks to Neura technologies.

Bill Simms, the Federal Government’s Minister of Public Health and Safety pleaded with the country on Friday, asking citizens to stay home and abide by the latest lockdown, citing both severe weather systems and growing numbers of ICU patients across the country. “We are currently looking at an aggressive and dangerous hurricane season, with supercells approaching over the next few weeks. Our infrastructure will be tested, and sheltering in place is imperative.”  

Hurricane Peter continues to make its approach to the eastern seaboard, currently a category 3. Meteorologists state that the intensity of the storm is subject to change as it nears the continent.

The Ministry of Public Health and Safety has implemented several stay-at-home orders over the past twelve months, for reasons varying from poor air quality index levels, to severe weather, to surges of Duck Flu variants tearing through metropolitan

communities. With each stay-at-home order, the Ministry has held virtual townhall sessions in the Neurasphere, allowing members of the community to express concerns and ask questions.

“It seems like there is a shorter and shorter adjustment period with each stay-at-home order” Simms told MNN. “People are simply pivoting to the online virtual spaces to interact and socialize. I am thankful for such a tool being available for our citizens. There is less of a sensation of missing out, and there’s unprecedented transparency with our virtual townhalls.”

The frequent lockdowns have been correlated to an increase in mental health crises, with self-reported cases of depression and suicidal ideation rising five hundred percent over the past two years. Critics of Simms suggest that this mental health epidemic falls within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Health and Safety. Simms doesn’t deny that there is a problem. “It absolutely is a concern of ours, one that needs addressing soon. The fact of the matter is, though, we need to focus on immediate threats to our communities first. But these cases of mental illness do need to be tackled. There are multiple resources available for those in crisis, with additional support planned over the next few months.”

For those who are in need of immediate support, the National Mental Wellness Program can be visited in the Neurasphere anytime.